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REELpoetry/HoustonTX: Houston's First International Poetry Film Festival
Festival Schedule

3/22 Friday

Cafe Brasil

2604 Dunlavy

Houston TX 77006

Map & Directions


Hosted by Fran Sanders and Amir Safi

   A night of local poetry performances featuring video from Public Poetry’s PM Show: Poets & Musicians and Write About Now, plus youth videos, two fine examples of cinepoetry, and trailers for the featured documentary BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez.
   Artists/poets, in alphabetical order:
Zach Blunt,  Marie Brown,  Natasha Carrizosa,  Raie Crawford,  DEEP,  Chris Diaz,  Alan Dunnett,  Kelly Ellis,  Ayokunle Falomo,  Ivo Krakowski,  Loyce Gayo,  Christina Martinez,  Terry Jude Miller,  Bill Moran,  Norma Pascusz,  Peace,  Bucky Rea,  Amir Safi,  Charlie Scott,  Loueva Smith,  Faye Timmons,  Regina Vigil,  R.J. Wright,  plus youth poets from WITS and Iconoclast Artists

3/23 Saturday

Salento Bistrot

2407 Rice Blvd

Houston TX 77005

Map & Directions


         "Audio and Visual Poetics"

         Workshop with Dr. Toni Holland


University of Houston-Downtown

Welcome Center

1 Main St (if taking the train)

201 Girard St (if using the parking garage)

Houston TX 77002

     2:30 – 5:30pm

               Cinepoetry screenings 2:30-4:35pm

7 Seas (UK – 5:00)  

    Kyra Clegg, artist and cinepoet

Shiver (Australia – 2:10)

    Mark Niehus, poet, director, producer and composer

The Shadow (US – 4:13)

    Jack Cochran, filmmaker and poet

    Pamela Falkenberg, filmmaker and writer

    Lucy English, poet and author

Echoes (Finland – 1:07)

    Hanna-Mari Ojala, cinepoet

 “America” By Julia Vinograd (US – 2:27)

    David Mai, director

    Barbara West, performer

    Julia Vinograd, poet

Mrigtrishna (Mirage) (India – 4:02)

    Rantu Chetia, poet and director

Semechki (UK – 1:05)

    Eta Dahlia, filmmaker

    Iris Colomb, gestural drawings

Wishing Well (Canada – 4:11)

    Mary McDonald, filmmaker

    Penn Kemp, poet

Moments (UK – 3:39)

    Brett Chapman, director, writer

          -  10-MINUTE BREAK  -

I Remember (US – 2:16)

    Lisa Seidenberg, filmmaker

As We Embrace (Taiwan – 4:36)

    Amang Hung, poet, filmmaker

Turkey Teacher (US – 0:59)

    Barbara West, poet and performer

    David Mai, filmmaker

14 Sentences (US – 2:14)

    Carolyn Guinzio, poet and filmmaker

Scarce Shelter in the Red Storm (US – 2:03)

    Cindy St. Onge, multimedia artist

Home (Ireland – 2:16)

    David Knox, director and cinematographer

    Erin Fornoff, poet

Body Language (US – 4:56)

    Margo Stutts Toombs, videographer and editor

    Loueva Smith, poet

    Roslyn (Cookie) Wells, graphic artist

    Lydia Hance, dancer and choreographer

Ice Fog (US – 1.04)

    Vanessa Zimmer-Powel, poet and creator

I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast (US – 2:44)

    Dan Sickles, filmmaker

    Melissa Studdard, poet

A Lost Penny (Fance – 2:16)

    Madeleine Clair, cinepoet

The Names of Trees (US – 4:28)

    Jack Cochran, filmmaker and poet

    Pamela Falkenberg, filmmaker and writer

    Lucy English, poet and author

          -  10-MINUTE BREAK  -

Plasticnic (Canada – 1:16)

    Fiona Tinwei Lam, writer, narrator and producer

    Tisha Deb Pillai, animator

    Tinjun Niu, sound designer

The Wanderers (US – 2:28)

    Ted Fisher, filmmaker

    Aoife Lyall, poet

Hanging (Finland – 1:29)

    Hanna-Mari Ojala, cinepoet

The Opened Field (UK – 1:15)

    Helmie Stil, filmmaker

    Dom Bury, poet

America (US – 2:02)

    Lisa Seidenberg, filmmaker

Wind and Plaster (Germany – 4:27)

    Burak   Kum

Capricorn (UK – 2:18)

    Eta Dahlia, filmmaker

    Andrey Novikov, original score

    Nik Nightingale, calligraphy

Silicon Valley (Canada – 4:49)

    Mary McDonald, filmmaker

    Penn Kemp, poet

Instructions for Soldiers Back From War (US -2:29)

    Jed Bell, director

    Barbara West, performer

    David Mai, cinematography and editing

    Julia Vinograd, poet

New Note (US – 4:16)

    Ally Christmas, cinepoet

Aral (UK – 4:00)

    Eta Dahlia, filmmaker, poet

Without Distortion (Australia – 3:30)

    Mark Niehus, poet, director, producer and composer

My Cloverfield (Finland – 1:30)

    Hanna-Mari Ojala, cinepoet

Untitled  (US – 2:00)

    Lisa Maione

Leisure (UK – 2:00)

    A D Cooper, writer

    Derk Russell, cinematographer

    Al Barclay, actor

A Family Recipe That Cannot Be Followed or Written Down (US – 2:18)

    Elaine Zhang, director

    Tiana Wang, poet

          -  10-MINUTE BREAK  -

 Panel Discussion 4:45-5:30pm


     7:00-9:00 pm

     Screening of BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez

     Discussion led by Ayokunle Falomo


Rudyard's British Pub

2010 Waugh Dr

Houston TX 77006

Map & Directions



3/24 Sunday

Matchbox 1

3400 Main St

Houston TX 77002

Map & Directions

PROGRAM A : 1:20-3:25pm


Introduction by Marian Luntz, curator of film and video, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Screening two Robert Frank documentaries: Pull My Daisy (30 min) and This Song for Jack (30 min)



Intro and WITS student video (5 min)

WITS student videos

Stalina Villareal and Ivette Roman poetry performance

Outspoken Bean: premiering #midweekstanzas Season 3


PROGRAM B: 4:15-5:45pm

4:15 – 5:45pm Screening DVD BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez (90 min)

REELpoetry/HoustonTX  2019 is supported in part by a grant from The City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance


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