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The Balcony Poets is designed as a collaborative group of performance poets, musicians, artists, dancers, photographers, filmmakers and other creators. Currently, the group is a collaboration of poets, musicians and an artist.

The Balcony Poets is not a group that is in lockstep. Each poet, artist, musician or other creative member has a vent, a style, an attitude all her/his own. Some of the poets are personal poets, some political, some satirical, some (most) a combination.  We write in free verse, blank verse, formal poetry, etc. All shows are a combination of all our ideas and proclivities. Musicians who work with us range in style from jazz to classical to pop.

The Balcony Poets emerged from a two-year series of multi-voice poems written by Billie Duncan and performed by her along with various other poets and entertainers. Duncan brought the idea of having a collaborative group of poets and other artists to Chris Wise, and they decided to form The Balcony Poets with all members contributing to the writing, performance, production and evolution of the group.

Plans are in place to add dancers and other artists in the near future.