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UH Downtown Map


Directions & Parking at UH Downtown

Wed, Sept 24, 2014
6 - 8:30 pm

UHD's parking facility is under construction, so the following suggestions should help you avoid confusion and aggravation. These directions are predicated on heading north from downtown on Travis.

  • Head north on Travis.

  • Approach the freeway but DO NOT enter.

  • Turn right directly onto Girard Street (a small street that enters the campus).

  • Make an immediate left into the metered parking area underneath the freeway.

Locating the Coffee House

  • Enter the building via the covered walkway or the doors to the North Deck.

  • Take elevators to the third floor.

  • Follow the signage to the Robertson Auditorium on the third floor of the Academic Building. The Coffee House will be just to your left.

Note that the train stops right at UHD, so parking farther away and taking the train might be an option.