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Houstonís 100 Thousand Poets for Change and 100 Thousand Musicians for Change will recognize the international day of celebration in 2017 with poetry and music


Fri, Sep 29
7 to 9:30pm

Saint Dane's Bar & Grille
502 Elgin
Houston TX 77006

A Night of CHANGE Through Poetry!

This is a night centered around CHANGE! The words and actions of poets, musicians, artists of every sort have the power to change the world for the better. This event is part of effecting that positive change.

This event has a slate of varied, dynamic and entertaining poets, as well as an open mic.

Featured Poets:
The Wordmatician
Sleepless Nights the Poet
I Am Dee Dee
Sharon Olson.

Hosted by Dee Dee Watters & Koncept Kit LLC

Open mic poets will have three to five minutes on stage, and the signup sheet will be near the bar.


Sat, Sep 30

Visionary Heights
1331 Nicholson St
Houston TX 77008

100,000 Poets for Change with Dance and Yoga

Hot Poets presents A Moveable Feast, a fusion experience that integrates poetry, yoga, and ecstatic dance. It will be relaxed and fun, and people of all levels can participate to the degree that they are able. This is a way to experience poetry in a playful and communal manner.

There will be an open mic with extemporary yoga postures to follow each poem, so come dressed comfortably, bring water and a yoga mat, and be prepared to have a great timeóand if you are a poet, bring your poetry for the open mic. For the ecstatic dance component, you might want to bring scarves.
Open Mic:
Please bring haiku and short poems to read. We will integrate your poetry with the yoga and dance components of the program.

Hosts: HotPoets and Visionary Heights
Emcee: Kelly Ann Ellis
Yoga: Tina Cardona
Ecstatic Dance: Vanessa Zimmer-Powell
Mantras: Varsha Saraiya-Shah
Featured Poet: Michael Galko.

We will end with food and drink, so come with something to share and a love offering as a thank you to Visionary Heights for hosting this event in their beautiful space.


Sat, Sep 30

Pearl Houston
4216 Washington Ave
Houston TX 77007

Houston Speaks is a night of innovative poetic voices that speak to world issues in areas large and smallófrom political movements to the depth of the heart of the individual, from a sense of desperation to a song of hope, with a sense of infinity to a sense of humor.

These poets speak from the heart, the head, the experience.

There will be an open mic after the featured readers. Poets, bring your words. Speak your piece.

Featured Poets:
The Fabulous Billie Duncan
Ayokunle Falomo
Juliane Tran
James Trotter
Megan Gonzalez
Toni Holland
Cristina Martinez

Host: Joseph Machado
Organizer: Gerald Cedillo

100 Thousand Poets for Change-Houston has participated in the international movement of 100 Thousand Poets for change since 2013.

The viewpoints and goals of the various cities and individual event producers vary greatly, but the connecting force is for the creative communities of the world--poets, musicians, artists of all kinds--to come together to express a desire for a kinder, cleaner and more just Earth for everyone. Perhaps through these events, ideas will become action, and action will create the sort of change that builds rather than destroys.

Sun, Oct 1
6 to 8pm

Super Happy Fun Land
3801 Polk @ Milby
 Houston TX 77003

Change comes in many forms, and support for those in need is always a positive change. Houstonís Toiletries for Families is a nonprofit organization (501c3) that distributes hygiene items to families and individuals affected by the effects of poverty and disaster.

So, a group of poets and musicians are coming together for an entertaining night of poetry and music to support Toiletries for Families as part of the International 100 Thousand Poets for Change. There will be featured poets and an open mic.

Emceed by Bucky Rea

The Wordmatician Tiffany Scales
Tina Cardona
Kelly Ellis
Saba Husain,
Manifesto Enterprises
Singer/songwriter Randy Divin
Juliane Tran
Mags Falero
Sharon Olson
Joseph Machado

Bring Donations (especially toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, diapers) to benefit Toiletries for Families. However, cash donations are loved and are MUCH more cost-effective for helping those in need. 100% of all donations go to the purchase and shipment of hygiene kits.

Travel-size kits last an estimated 7 to 14 days and full-size kits last three to 18 months. TFF has distributed over 25000 hygiene kits within 16 states and SIX countries.